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About Us


Being born in 1937 wasn’t a good year to start life in Germany with the clouds of WWII on the horizon. By the time I started grade school I had experienced more dangers, catastrophes and misery as most people will in a lifetime.  This - and the aftermath of this calamity - did shape my formative years in unpredictable ways.  From a run-a-away without much formal education ….to one of the very first soldiers of the Bundeswehr in 1954 followed by a stint in the French Foreign Legion in Algeria and years of roaming the world on a mission of opportunity and adventure, - my prospects for living a conventional life seemed slim indeed.  But as fate would have it, in my late twenties - and just prior to my departure as immigrant to Canada - I met this wonderful girl (still a teenager) who a year later decided to follow me to Canada ….and change my life forever. Arriving in 1966 in Toronto with five Dollars in my pocket and nothing to my name ….until the present - where we both are wealthy beyond our dreams, - WE HAVE COME A LONG WAY.

Having recently celebrated our 35th Wedding Anniversary and both being retired, we are now enjoying the fruits of our labor …and I can now share my life as a perpetual globetrotter with my wife.  Life’s circle is closing.  Present Motto: 






I was born in 1946 and raised in Bremen as ‘Nachkriegs-Kind’.  I still have memories of the hard times we Germans faced following WWII.  However, I did not suffer since my parents were good providers.  As the oldest in the family I learned quickly my share of responsibilities but had time to grow up as a “Tomboy” preferring ‘Lederhosen’ instead of dresses.  In School I did not consider myself a gifted student but did attain the highest scores through discipline and hard work.  Competition also played a major role here since I thrived on it…not only academically - but in sports as well.  Having the fortune of being a born athlete I became a Championship-Swimmer at age fourteen.   The regiment of this training period has somehow formatted my life.  As a consequence, I can still wear the clothes I wore when I was fourteen years old.  And I still have the urge to run and swim every day of my life.  This is just part of my being…..

After College, I started work in Germany before Wolfgang enticed me to join him in Canada, - the land of opportunity.  And this it did become for us.  We both found good positions in Federal and Provincial Governments allowing us to invest wisely and to reach early retirement with a secure financial future.  We are both looking forward to fulfill every wish we have …and right now this is –





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